It’s exciting to share with you all our first episode of the California Republic of Baseball Podcast as we bring you  our MLB Preseason Primer. This is the First Segment of two for this episode. Matt will have Segment 2 up later tonight. Tommy D, Matt, and I are bursting with excitement to get this podcast off the ground.  We very much appreciate any listenership you all will give us. I hope this one gets you all excited and I will share with you all later tonight the link to Segment 2.  Please feel free to write to us with questions or comments.  You all can get in contact with us through leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, on Twitter @CRBpodcast, at, or visit us at  We look forward to responding to your questions during future podcasts.

We hope you all are as excited for the launch of the California Baseball of Baseball Podcast.  Stick with us throughout the season as we will be passionately discussing baseball.  Below is the link for Podcast 1, Segment 1:

California Republic of Baseball Podcast 1, Segment 1

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