If you’ve missed a previous episode of the California Republic of Baseball Podcast or are looking for the most recent episode, look no further as the links to all the episodes are listed in the link below:

California Republic of Baseball Podcasts 1-5

As we continue to build out the show we very much appreciate your feedback.  Please leave some comments below if you are listening in.  We are feeling our way through building the on air chemistry and content of the show. As we proceed you’ll start to see us formulate more set up segments of the show, but for now we are free-styling as we get used to our new digs.  We’re excited to bring you the California Republic of Baseball Podcast and we hope you all are enjoying the show so far. Many thanks go out to Matt Pirtle for putting this together and doing the behind the scenes editing every week.  From Tommy D, to The Hammer, to me, thank you for all the hard work, Matt!

We’ll be recording Episode 6 this Wednesday night 5/13. Please check back for a link to that episode.  Also, please stop by to see us at http://californiarepublicofbaseball.com and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CRBpodcast (@CRBpodcast).

Take care, have a great Monday, and stop by WaxCracker.com soon as Patrick Fortin will be returning with a box break of some Topps Museum Collection!