A very special invite to Wax Cracker readers from Matt Pirtle, Executive Producer of the California Republic of Baseball Podcast:

Dear Wax Cracker Readers,

My name is Matt Pirtle and I am the Executive Producer of the California Republic of Baseball podcast. I’m very excited to announce that we are getting closer to the launch and the buzz here is building! I am very pleased and we are very fortunate to have Casey and Tommy D with us to share their insight, wisdom, humor, and perspective on all things baseball. Both of these gentleman (and I use the term loosely!) are great people and I am very proud to be working with them on a project that embodies so much passion and joy.

As we prepare for our first round of shows I can say that the baseball fans and communities that we have contacted have been exceptionally open and warm. The reception for the idea of the California Republic of Baseball has been almost overwhelming. The momentum is so strong that I am starting to realize what an amazing amount of fun and opportunity this will be.

The podcast’s primary focus is on the 5 cities in California that are home to major league baseball teams, their stadiums, game day experiences, and their fans. That’s a lot of baseball to talk about! The shows will contain a featured game discussion, social media based Q and A, special interviews, and fan feedback showcasing their game day experiences in words and pictures. We are looking forward to making this as engaging and interactive as possible.

We have set a goal to do 33 weeks of podcast and are expecting to have an April 1st launch with a few fun features to pop up during Spring Training via our California Republic of Baseball YouTube channel starting March 1st. What I find especially exciting is the fact that as of right now 17 of those shows will be “road shows” where we are producing the content for that week’s featured game in that city. As we finalize that schedule we will be announcing the dates via our Twitter account (@CRBpodcast) and here on WaxCracker.com.

With Casey’s history in fantasy baseball and his work here at Wax Cracker, I am comfortable saying that this man has a handle on numbers and statistics. For some of you looking to deepen your understanding of the statistics and strategy side of the game there will be plenty to digest. That being said, I believe baseball isn’t all about numbers.

There is much more to the experience of having a relationship with your team, your stadium, and your city. Tommy is a well of information of all things baseball. With a lifetime of fandom and experiences his perspective on events, people, and ideas are entertaining and enlightening. I have a lot to learn from both of them and after meeting them I believe you will feel the same.

I’ve told Casey that I believe that the genuine energy and humor will be contagious, and the great conversation will inspire your appreciation for and grow your understanding of America’s pastime. It is my hope that you will find the show entertaining as well as educational. It is my hope that you will laugh with us and learn with us. Let me invite you as a fan to come and grow with us. Many different things contribute to the passions and pride of fans and we are looking forward to getting to know you.

As part of our preparation for production I did have the opportunity to get Casey and Tommy together for a baseball themed lunch and took the liberty of recording it specifically to create a sample of their energy, pace and tone. Casey has linked to a 30 minute segment that was completely unscripted and organic and will serve as a great introduction to two people that you will enjoy having as part of your baseball lives. Check us out and let us know what’s on your mind.

Warm Regards,

Matt Pirtle
California Republic of Baseball, Twitter @CRBpodcast

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Click for a 30 minute sneak listen into the CRB Podcast team practicing for their upcoming launch!