My good baseball friend from Montreal, Patrick Fortin, has returned to Wax Cracker with a series of new posts for us entitled Four Nights at the Museum. Over a series of four posts, Patrick will be cracking open a box of his recent purchase of Topps Museum Collection. It’s great to have Patrick checking in again from Montreal, and I am looking forward to his continued contributions to Wax Cracker.

Without further ado, here is Patrick’s first post of his Topps Museum pieces:



Four Weeks: four mini boxes of Topps Museum.

Along the way we’ll revisit some of my past Museum hits.

Each visit will conclude with the single hit from my latest Topps Museum Mini Box!

Night One: Walking Up the Hall of Sketches

One of the nicest touches in this product is that a sketch card is included in one master box.  Called Museum Canvas Collection, these sketches are a nice way to add bonus character to the product without affecting the hit ratio. As will be the case for all our guided walks up other halls of this awesome museum, a quick look left and right down the hall will provide glimpses of past hits.

Below, you will see a cool sketch of one of my favorite all time legends, Willie Mays. This hit was found in a Museum Box two years ago.

Willie Mays
Topps Museum Collection, Willie Mays

Below, a sleek portrait of a true modern master, Felix Hernandez.

Topps Museum Collection, Felix Hernandez
Topps Museum Collection, Felix Hernandez

From the same year as the Mays, the sketch captures the sheer dominating and haunting look a hitter has to avoid when facing up against King Felix of Seattle.

Just a few steps down and we can rest our gaze on a sketch from this year’s product. This is my second master box of 2015 Museum. Here is the canvas sketch hit from the first one a month ago, Mr. Boggs of Boston!

Wade Boggs
Topps Museum Collection, Wade Boggs.

Knuckleballers assemble as we revisit the Cy Young year of the Grapple From The Big Apple:

R.A. Dickey
Topps Museum Collection. R.A. Dickey

As for a Mets true legend, please see the picture below to find a 2013 rendition of Sir Tom Seaver.

Tom Seaver
Topps Museum Collection, Tom Seaver.

And drumroll as we unveil the latest addition to my personal Canvas Collection. Another Ace from Seattle to join King Felix… the Big Unit himself on the big wall:

Randy Johnson
Topps Museum Collection, Randy Johnson.

Bonus fact is that Randy Johnson came up through my beloved Expos farm system.

Remember, Canvas Collection cards are not considered box hits. I am happy to report that a signature card was the actual hit from this mini box. But before going to the final reveal, here are the base cards found in the mini box.

Dilsun Herrera
Topps Museum Collection, Dilsun Herrera.
Yadier Molina
Topps Museum Collection, Yadier Molina.
Jorge Soler
Topps Museum Collection, Jorge Soler.

And the autographed hit from this first mini box can be found at the end of this Hall. As you will see in the next Night at The Museum, the 2015 product has been rich in Boston hits! Well this box is looking like it will be no exception as we reveal the Relic Autograph of Matt Barnes!

Matt Barnes
Topps Museum Collection, Matt Barnes.

I hope you enjoyed your first Night at The Museum. The second night will be devoted to Jumbo Relic hits from my past box Museum breaks… as we reveal the brand new addition to grace the walls of the Jumbo Relic Hall!

-Patrick Fortin, follow Patrick on Twitter @PFO76