I apologize for missing a post yesterday.  I have come to learn that even with the best intentions to crack a pack a day, sometimes life just doesn’t allow for it.  I started out the Wax Cracker Project with no strict rules and I knew that the project would evolve as time went by.  I will try to make a post every day, but there will be times with work and other commitments where I may miss one here or there.  I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t lost my drive for this project.  My passion is very much there and I am excited to see how far I can take waxcracker.com.

With all that boring stuff out of the way, how about we crack some cards! I recently talked with Sean at Steel City and it looks like we will be starting off Steel City Saturdays in May.  Once we get the ball rolling it is going to be really fun to break a whole box in one day.  I also plan to share some of the best deals on current and retro products that Steel City is offering as part of SC Saturdays.

To ramp up to the full hobby box for SC Saturdays, I will be cracking a whole box of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter today.  Below are the cards from every pack:

2014-04-12 15.52.13
A sweet Bob Gibson black mini. I seem to hit on a lot of Bob Gibson cards for some reason. No complaints here, he was a hell of a pitcher.
2014-04-12 16.03.48
Will Matt Kemp be able to stay on the field this season?
2014-04-12 16.01.54
Seriously, Lang deserves a card in Allen & Ginter?
2014-04-12 15.54.04
A nice Robinson mini.
2014-04-12 15.59.57
I don’t think I have ever met an Eddie Murray card that I don’t love!
2014-04-12 16.01.05
A Phillips relic card.
2014-04-12 16.02.53
A pretty sweet Robinson card.
2014-04-12 16.05.32
Adam Richman and all of his feats deserve a solo shot. Here’s to your retirement from competitive food eating, Adam, and your recent loss of 60 lbs!
2014-04-12 16.05.05
Any Bud Selig card I pull will have a Boo! tag above it. I don’t like his ruling that the All Star Game winner decides home field advantage in the World Series, leaving Barry Bonds & other retired roidos be part of MLB while still keeping Pete Rose out in the cold, and numerous other issues leave me waiting on a new Commish.

And I can’t go without mentioning the big fight tonight, Pacquiao vs. Bradley, the rematch.  I have been sitting on my 2011 Pacquiao Allen & Ginter Blue Auto 1/60 for a few years now.   Manny has one of the sweetest autographs I have seen. Does anyone want to get crazy and make me an offer on my Pacquiao card tonight? If so, here is a picture of the card:

2011 A&G Manny Pacquiao Signature
Up for sale tonight if I get a tempting offer. Please let me know if you have any interest tonight or in the future.