Sterling More on the NCAA Football National Championship Game, Auburn v. Florida State

I have watched most of the games this Bowl season, everything from the ‘Let’s Celebrate Mediocrity w/ a .500 Season Bowl’ to the Sugar Bowl tonight.  And of course I will be planted on my couch with a scotch for the National Championship.  I predict the over/under on rounds of scotch at 4, one per quarter, simply because I really don’t give a shit who wins, so I can get blasted and just enjoy the sport.  No offense to Florida St. & Auburn fans, I’m just ambivalent to these teams and neither are a true underdog, both are deserving of a title, and have demonstrated that with great seasons.  All I want is a damn good game, a close game, one where if I had a skin in it, I would be sweating a fine single malt out and my nerves would be shot.  That’s what should happen, a game that keeps fans around the world on the edge of their seats, screaming at the TV, praying, hoping their team pulls it out.  Last year’s National Championship flat out sucked, a blowout is not what should happen in a game with the college football’s top 2 teams.  I’m picking Florida St., but not to cover the spread.  Although not as battle tested as Auburn, I think the defensive matchup favors the Seminoles.  So crack open your favorite beverage and enjoy what hopes to be a close game; if it isn’t, I’m sure there is a ‘Goodfellas’ rerun on some channel.


Sterling More